Autumn 2019  We are trying to get some training courses in before the end of the year, a new questionnaire has been sent out by email.  To make sure you get the courses you want fill it out ASAP, the closing date is the 5/9/19.

2019 NYC Training Update

Many thanks indeed to those who responded to our Training Questionnaire.

The results are being compiled at the moment, once we have that information we will put out the courses that we plan to run this year.

If you are interested in any of these courses, or how to meet any other training needs, please let me know. Even if we are not arranging a specific NYC course we may be able to negotiate a discount on your behalf.

kind regards

Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training

Completed Courses 2018

Newbury Yacht Club Sea Survival Course 6th October 2018

In at the deep end – Newbury Yacht Club survives Sea Survival

Sailors are used to getting wet, but members of Newbury Yacht Club experienced more than they bargained for whilst simulating a dire abandon ship situation.

Brendan McGarvey said “It think its one of the best courses I’ve ever done, it makes you think about what can go wrong, and especially how quickly, when on a yacht.”


Lis Holmes agreed “Doing the First Aid at Sea and then this course really shows you how tricky it can be to manage in an emergency situation when you are off shore in a small yacht and there’s no other help around. It’s is very important for everyone who messes about on boats,” she emphasised, “It reminds you not to take safety for granted!”

Brendan added “I didn’t know what to expect, everyone says it’s a great course, but it really brings it home to you how much you wouldn’t want to use a life-raft for real, unless you had absolutely no other option. It was certainly an eye-opener.”

Lis is a former Welsh water-polo champion but still found it tough: “I thought I’d be quite good at the bits in the water, but I actually found it quite challenging, trying to swim about in heavy wet weather gear and a fully inflated lifejacket, trying to get an injured crew-mate up and into a heaving slippery life-raft. I’d never want to do it for real.”

“Lots of people don’t own their own boats but have opportunities to crew or charter with others, and having the knowledge and skills gained from these courses makes me a good person to have on board in an emergency.”

Nick Handy said “As a boat owner, it makes me think about where my liferaft is located and, if I was seriously injured or had been lost overboard, how easy would it be for someone else to deploy?” “It’s certainly something I will be adding to my next crew briefings!”

“These courses are really important,” said Oliver May, Newbury Yacht Club Training Officer, “and the club puts a lot of time and effort into organising relevant, interesting and fun training.” “Non-members can also attend and in this case we were joined by 3 members of the Royal Berkshire Yacht Club on the day. We are always open to running joint courses with other groups and organisations.



First Aid Training course April 2018

This was the first training course for this year as well as with a new sea school.  We all arrived ready and willing for the RYA First Aid at sea course.  The venue and the time was set and ten club members met at the Hamble School of Yachting headquarters based at Mercury Marina on the river Hamble.

Once we had all had a cup of something hot and turned the heating up in the room as it was an unseasonably cold spring morning we were introduced the Tim Allen who was to be our instructor for the day.  Tim is a freelance trainer ( that HSY bring in for this course as he has a wealth of experience in this area.  

We started by covering the basics of finding a casualty and assessing the situation and how to deal with someone who is unconscious but breathing.  This included an opportunity to put, and be put into the recovery position which involved some interesting techniques for small people moving larger one as well as for dealing with the confined space of a yacht.

After lunch we moved on to dealing with a casualty that is not breathing, many of us had not done this course for a number of years and the guidance on CPR has changed, so for that information alone the day was time well spent.

We all then had a chance to administer two minutes of CPR to “Anne”, which gave an idea of how tiring it would be to do this for real!

From there we moved on to cover other areas of first aid, such as dressing wounds and traumatic head injuries and their symptoms.  We finished to day with talking about seasickness and coping strategies, including the impact on other medical conditions that are dealt with by drugs if someone is being sick.  

All in all a very good and informative day, thank you to those who attended and those that organised the day.


RYA Day Skipper Theory course 

Over the course of 2 weekends a group of NYC members completed the Day Skipper Theory. The group was made up of an eclectic mix of seasoned sailors, sailors’ wives and girlfriends, and those with limited sailing experience – all found it interesting and beneficial. With 40 hours of classroom work and a copious amount of homework, it was not a walk in the park, even for the most seasoned sailors.

The course covers Chart work, piloting, passage planning, tidal systems, collision regulations, metrology, seamanship and safety. It was kindly hosted by NYC members Gabrielle and Brendan McGarvey which created a great environment and helped at a favourable price. The course was run by NYC members, commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmasters and Cruising/Shorebased Instructors Edward Mordas and Richard Wasilkowski of Simply Yachts ( Keeping it all in the family so to speak.

After absorbing a huge amount of information and manipulating lots of numbers, 6 saw the course to the end and passed. One very clever NYC member, Alex Brown, passed with 99.5% in the assessments which is unheard of. Although hard work, every single person found it satisfying and rewarding.

Plans are now afoot to organise the Day Skipper Practical and put the theory in to practice.



Left to right: Lis Holmes, Gabrielle McGarvey, Andy Brown, Richard Wasilkowski (instructor), Alex Brown, Laura Turnnidge, Edward Mordas (instructor), Nigel Eggington.

Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training




NYC Training Update

I hope you have all had a good summer on the water.

Now that the sailing season is drawing to a close, it is time to start planning for the next round of training courses.

I am sure you are all aware of the news regarding Stormforce Coaching and the fact they have gone into liquidation. As they were our training provider, this has resulted in us requiring a new provider.

So, from 2018 we will be using Hamble School of Yachting. They are located in Mercury Yacht Harbour, Southampton and have offered us good club rates (sadly not as good as we had with Stormforce, but still very good).

They have offered us 25% of the list price for club training courses, however, should anyone not be able to attend our club dates, they have offered 10% off of all prices listed on their website. A code will be sent out soon once I have it.

Thank you for completing the recent Training Questionnaire which has been really valuable in selecting courses where there is the greatest interest.

The programme will be available shortly.

If you have any concerns/questions/suggestions then please let me know.

Kindest regards,

Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training

Completed Courses 2016/17
RYA Sea Survival Course 

The RYA Sea Survival Course was rescheduled for October 2017

Cost of the course is £75 per person.  This includes all course materials and hire of a lifejacket for use in the swimming pool.

A video about the course details can be found here.

Of all the courses we run through at Newbury Yacht Club, this one would be top of my list to recommend.  I have done this course myself and hand on heart can say it changed my approach to sailing for the better.

I would recommend that anyone who sails (even infrequently) attend this course.
It is also the most fun of all the courses I have done.If you would like to know more then please get in touch.
Kindest regards
Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training
training@newburyyachtclub.com2016/17 RYA Radar Training Courserya_radarWe still have some spaces on the upcoming ‘RYA Radar’ training course.
If you want a place, please email as soon as possible.
This is planned for Sunday the 26th of March.If you would like to attend the Radar course this year but cannot make this date, please let me know ASAP and I will look into the possibility of another date.The cost of the course will be £46 each.The course will be held at Shamrock Quay Southampton.For full course information, please click here.Kindest regards,Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training
training@newburyyachtclub.com2016/17 RYA Sea Survival Training Courseraft3We still have some spaces on the upcoming ‘RYA Sea Survival’ training course.This is a very popular course and is also great fun to attend. It is also one that is highly recommended.
There are only limited spaces left, so please respond quickly if you want to attend.If you want a place, please email as soon as possible.This is planned for Saturday the 22nd of April. The cost of the course will be £75 each.The course will be held at Shamrock Quay Southampton.For full course information, please click here.Kindest regards,Oliver May
Newbury Yacht Club – Training

Completed Courses 2016/17

Weather Course Newbury Yacht Club

weather2017On Saturday 18th February 2017  Eleven members of the Newbury Yacht Club joined Simon Rowell at Stormforce Coaching in Shamrock Quay for an illuminating and intensive dive into Weather Systems.

Fuelled by regular tea and coffee breaks, a mountain of jaffa cakes and custard creams (much to Simon’s delight) we sailed through the agenda with a very knowledgeable coach – who usually provides the weather forecasts for the British Sailing Team. Whether (no pun intended!), this will allow us to improve our sailing skills … only the end of the season results will tell.

It was noted by some members, furiously scribbling notes around the building of sea breezes, that the increased knowledge and application of tactics would prove mighty useful in trying to beat Selko into port at the next rally – as Andy and Jane always seem to get better wind than everyone else!

By the end of the day we’d covered a lot of ground including:-
· Global weather patterns

· Weather charts and forecasts

· Mid-latitude weather

· Boundary layer weather

· Topographic Effects

Simon gave us all some great habit forming techniques to increase our knowledge over time. Simple things like setting your homepage laptop browser to the met office weather chart and matching that to your local conditions when having breakfast in the morning.
Taking note of your local weather conditions and cross referencing those with the theory you have learned becomes curiously addictive. Memorizing what the various cloud formations indicate helps greatly, and we now all have an understanding of sailing through gusts and maximising lift!

Finally, for all of us the BBC 10 o’clock weather forecast now means an awful lot more than it did before. With little blue triangles and red semi circles meaning much more than just “a front”.

The immense knowledge Simon has, was generously shared with all of us and will prove very useful in predicting weather patterns on future passages whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that the resources we’ll be using are all tried and tested.

For myself and Phillip, We’ll be putting all this new found knowledge into a good test as we sail from Southampton up to St Katharine’s docks in the next few weeks, so we are looking forward to putting theory into practice!

Debby Clement

2016/17 Training Programme Questionnaire – now closed

It is that time of year again, the annual training questionnaire.

This year, you will notice things are a little different. A new style of form and a new way to submit your responses. I hope you all like what has been done and find it easy to use. If you do have any issues, please email me (Oliver) at the training email address:

One of the big changes for this year is that ALL members now need to fill out their own form. There are no more joint responses. So those of you with joint membership, please ensure you both submit a form. You can use the same link to submit multiple forms, just please ensure you fill out the names and email at the top accordingly.

2015/16 Training Programme

This years training programme 2015/16 has now concluded.

A new programme will be developed for the late Autumn/Winter 2016/17. In the meanwhile if you have any particular training needs that you hope that NYC might be able to assist with please contact Oliver by email

The notes below provide information on some of our previous training events.

Last few spaces for VHF Course

We have some spaces for the upcoming VHF course on Saturday 23rd April.

Further details can be found below.

If you would like to attend, please contact me by email as soon as possible.

Oliver May – Newbury Yacht Club

Sea Survival course 11th June 2016

We have kindly been offered the opportunity to join The Royal County of Berkshire Yacht Club (RBYC) on their Sea Survival course on the 11th June this year.

I know some NYC Members had expressed interest in the sea survival this year, but sadly we did not have enough to run the course ourselves. This is a fantastic opportunity to complete the course and save some pennies at the same time.

Full details of the course and how to sign up can be found here –

As this is not a NYC run course, please sign up via the link provided and address any questions and payment direct to RBYC.

Oliver May – Training –

NYC training courses 2016

NYC will be using Stormforce Coaching at Shamrock Quay, Southampton for 3 training courses during Spring 2016. The courses offer extremely good value for NYC Members and offer a considerable reduction from the normal cost.

The first course on yacht Rig maintenance course held in early March was real success – see report below.

The next course will be the RYA yacht radar on Saturday the 2nd April and currently there are spaces available.

Update –
It is with regret that the RYA Radar course due to take place on the 2nd April has been cancelled. Unfortunately, there were not enough confirmed attendees to make the course financially viable to run.

Small craft radar is probably the most versatile of all electronic navigation aids. This day training will teach you how to adjust the controls, interpret the picture and make use of the set for navigation and collision avoidance. The day will take place in Stormforces well equipped classroom which is fitted with 8 Radar simulators. Included in the course fee are the RYA courses notes and your certificate.

The third course in this year’s programme will be the RYA VHF course to be held on Saturday 23rd of April and again there are currently some spaces available.
The course concentrates on use of VHF Radio under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). In addition to VHF procedures, it also covers Digital Selective Calling (DSC), Navtex, EPIRBs and SARTs. This certificate has replaced the old VHF Restricted Licence and is the qualification required to operate a marine VHF Radio.

The classroom course is taught using Stormforces range of 14 live DSC and Navtex sets. You can expect to practice on Simrad, Icom and Silva radios and a Nasa Navtex set during your course.

If anyone would like to attend either of the course, could they please contact Oliver ASAP by email

NYC Rig maintenance training course 12th March 2016

The first training course for this year was the Rig maintenance course. The venue and the time was set and seven club members met at the Stormforce coaching head quarters at Shamrock Key, Southampton on a bright and sunny spring morning.

After a coffee to get brains alert we were introduced to the course content by the instructor Jamie. Jamie has worked as a rigger and Bosun for many years and came across as very knowledgeable.

Rigging 2016

We covered the different types of rig as well as the terminology used to describe the many components that go in to keeping our masts upright. This led on to setting up both mast head and fractional rig boats and the differences between this two types of rig.

After lunch we all ventured out onto the pontoons this allowed us to get a practical, hands-on play with the rig of one of the sea school boats. We went through all of the theory that had been presented in the class room, as well as servicing one of the main sheet winches.

To close out the day each member of the group had a go at splicing three strand and braid on braid, with the expert tuition of Jamie all were able to take home a well crafted example of each type of rope work.

All in all a very good and informative day, thank you to those who attended and those that organised the day.


2016 Training Programme
Thank you to all those who responded to the training questionnaire. the programme is currently being finalised and dates will shortly be confirmed.

Training Programme Successes
With now three of our Spring training courses completed many NYC Members have been really enjoying as well as benefiting from our active training programme. The Diesel maintenance and Outboard maintenance were run over the same weekend and more recently the Weather Course taught by Round the World yachtsman and meteorologist Simon Rowell has given the participants a real insight into making their passages safer and more enjoyable. Simon also has provided all the participants access to his online resource manual, so the course was of exceptional and lasting value.
NYC Weather Course (1)

NYC is within 30 minutes drive of Newbury, Winchester, Swindon, Andover, Basingstoke, Hungerford, Malborough, Reading, Bracknell, Didcot, Whitchurch, Wantage, Abingdon and Oxford.

NYC serving sailors and yachts-people in Berkshire, North Hampshire, East Wiltshire and South Oxfordshire.

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