Newbury Yacht Club 2019 Events afloat programme:

The 2019 NYC events afloat programme will commence with the Frostbite Rally followed by:

Spring Cruise:  18th/27th May 2019

Spring Rally: 8th/9th June 2019

Summer Rally: 27th/28th July 2019

Autumn Rally: 28th/29th September 2019

More information below:

The NYC Autumn Rally to the Royal Southampton Yacht Club

After some fantastic weather throughout the summer, we were all looking forward to topping it off with the final rally of the year.

Unfortunately, the weather Gods had other ideas for us, the forecast started to look a little iffy during the week and by Thursday night the Rally WhatsApp group was filling up with crews threatening mutiny.

By Friday night the forecast was showing westerly force 9 over the weekend and Nick as Rear Commodore Offshore had called it and everyone agreed that driving to the venue would be the sensible way.

Tea and cakes were taken by 27 with 38 members along for the meal at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club’s Gins Farm club house. Special mention to the crew of Polly, who not only arrived by boat but had been out for a sail during the day!

As always the food and service was great, there was even a cake to jointly celebrate a belated birthday for our Commodore and for the 56th wedding anniversary of Jo & Mike Bassett.

In heavy, driving rain, all but the crews of Polly and Navy Blues (via campervan) set out on a fun drive through the New Forrest.

A big thank you to Nick for organising another great rally, we are looking forward to keeping the theme going and having heavy snow for the Frostbite!




The NYC 2019 Summer Rally to Haslar Marina

The NYC summer rally, this time to the Haslar Marina just inside Portsmouth Harbour, the fleet slightly depleted due to at least 4 of the regulars being away cruising as far as Brittany and the Scillies. However still a decent turnout with good sailing conditions and wind direction for the attending 6 boats, Chesterton, Polly, Sunshine, Southern Hey and Navy Blues, all based in the central and western Solent and Paper Tiger who didn’t have so far to go.

Memories from a previous visit, of being bounced around in the visitor berths as cross channel ferries passed, were soon a distant memory, Dean & Reddyhoff having invested in refurbishment of the breakwater. Staff and club members were on hand to help get tied up alongside in some tight berths to keep us all together. For some, this was very conveniently located by the Mary Mouse 2, a lightship decommissioned in 1993 and now providing a characterful location for toilet/shower facilities and Trinities restaurant.



Whatsapp provided promises of a fantastic looking Gin & Tonic Loaf and jugs of Pimms, the traditional tea and cake on the pontoon did not disappoint. Plenty of tea and coffee was available, although several top ups of the Pimms were required.



With everyone full of cake, there was an impromptu photo shoot on Chesterton – now with a low waterline and a bit of a list.



With 6 boats we were just about all able to fit into what effectively was a private room in Trinities for dinner, making for an enjoyable dining experience in great company.

As has become customary, everyone then retired to one of the boats for some after-dinner drinks this time on Southern Hey.

The following morning all but 2 boats set off for home, one being resident and the other electing for an extra night stay and the forecast of more favourable winds on the Monday.

Thanks to Nick for another well organised and successful Rally, he even redeemed himself from the poorly organised weather for the Spring rally, lets hope he keeps it up!



The NYC Spring Rally to Yarmouth Sailing Club 2019.

Nick did another great job of putting together a great rally, the spring on is alway well attended, the 50th celebrations in May pushed the spring rally to June this year. One could be forgiven for assuming that this move would ensure good weather! Alas this is the UK…..

Several of the boats had done the sensible thing and taken the weather window and arrived in Yarmouth the night before.

On our way to Carina we stopped off at Lee on the Solent to look out at what was instore for us, which was F6-7 and tide against us. The car was rocking about on its springs in the wind!  It was decided at that point that Carina was not going to make it.  Debby and Philip very kindly offered us berths on Samilou, so after picking up foul weather gear we headed over to join them at Ocean Village.

The four of us set out and immediately reefing down as the wind built on our way down Southampton Water, by the time we made Calshot Spit the main had been stowed and a scrap of head sail along with the engine was all we had to try and make progress.

The skipper came to the conclusion that he had been looking at the Gurnard Cardinal mark for the best part of 20 minutes and that we were not making any progress over the ground (although we were making lots of progress up and down!)  The idea of diverting into Cowes was put to the crew and readily accepted, as it turned out we were in good company, as the Commodore had done the same.

Once moored up the six of us got a taxi to Yarmouth in time for dinner.  The Yarmouth Sailing Club is a fantastic venue, just up river of the bridge.  The Clubhouse and facilities are excellent and we enjoyed a superb dinner.

As is our custom, we presented the Club with an NYC burgee, and we received one of theirs in return (which can be seen in the Burgee room page).

Over dinner we heard some stories of the trip over, Nick, who was single handed had suffered some minor damage to both boat and sail, but heroically made it.

The wandering six got in the taxi back to Cowes and we had a very relaxed sail back on Sunday morning.

Many thanks to Nick for organising a fun rally despite some challenging conditions.


NYC Frostbite Rally to Ocean Village 2019

This year’s frostbite was put together by our Rear Commodore, Offshore in the form of Nick

The weather was cold with large parts of Hampshire and Berkshire covered in several inches of snow, some of us had to have cars towed by passers-by out before setting of! However, that did not stop 6 boats and 25 of us getting together for this rally. Although as Carina is out of the water at the moment, we decided drive to the venue instead.

The plan was to meet up in Ocean Village, at the top of Southampton Water during the day, with Vin Chaud and nibbles served on Navy Blues during the afternoon as people arrived. Once all the nibbles had gone and the wine supply had been at least depleted at bit the plan was to walk up to Bacaro, where the meal would be taken.

We all sat down for some monster tapas, which just kept on coming! While it was cold outside the atmosphere inside was warm and convivial. The Commodore then thanked everyone for coming along and particularly to the new members on their first rally, it was great to see George, Liz and Leon, welcome to the Club guys. Barney then went on to express his pleasure at the England rugby result an hour or so earlier.

The frostbite rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and this once again this was no exception. Many thanks to Nick for organising it.



NYC Autumn Rally to Lymington 2018

We have been blessed with a run of fantastic weather of late but it had to come to an end at some stage, and boy did it come to an end in a big way!

The destination was set for the Dan Bran pontoon at Lymington.  From there we were to have dinner in the Lymington Town Sailing Club.

Due to the forecast and that Carina’s first mate was suffering from the first cold of the year, it was decided that we would forgo the wind and rain in favour of driving down for the meal.  

As it turns out we were not the only ones to have this idea, in the end three boats braved the elements to sail into the harbour, Poly was there because Mike “wanted to try out his storm sails”!

By all account the tea and cakes went down very well, although they were hosted on Poly, rather than the pontoon as it was honking down at the time.  There was some sort of incident with the sugar, but no one would give details as Mike was fearing another Uncle Albert award.

Dinner was set for 1930 and we all started to arrive in the Club bar around 1900.  The meal was served and we all enjoyed excellent food in very nice surroundings.

As the Commodore was not on this rally, giving a practically lame excuse of it being a big birthday for him (I won’t say which one), it fell to me to thank Nick for arranging the rally and the staff of the club for hosting us.

After dinner most of the members were invited back to Kate and David’s for drinks, unfortunately Laura and I had to leave as we were driving back home, so I cannot report on any goings on there…..

Many thanks to Nick for organising a fantastic rally.


NYC Summer Rally Bembridge 21st 22nd July 2018

We have been blessed with a run of fantastic weather of late and the weekend forecast was looking good.  The destination was set for Bembridge Harbour with a BBQ at the Bembridge Sailing Club.

Because of the tidal restrictions on the entrance most of the boats were planning to arrive in the late afternoon to early evening, However, Carina came over on the morning tide and we were tied up to the main pontoon by 0930 to have a relaxing day in the sunshine.

During the afternoon (once the tide was over the bar) the harbour started to fill up, once all 9 of the Club other boats had arrived the Harbour Master had to turn boats away as there was no more space.

As time was getting on the normal tea and cakes turned into Pimms and cakes on the pontoon.  The plan was then to meet for the water taxi at 2000 for a trip over to the other bank for dinner.  Drinks in the bar flowed onto sitting on the balcony and having a BBQ buffet service, we had a plentiful supply of burgers, sausages and pork chops, as well as salads.

Once we had worked our way through all of that there was crème brulee for pudding!

The Commodore then thanked Nick for organising the rally as we as the members for coming along, he then got out his guitar and gave us a rendition of a song he had written about the spring cruise.  There was talk of making it the Club anthem!

After dinner and water taxis back we all get together on Favorita for drinks and in some cases dancing, it’s a good things She is a big boat!

The next morning dawned bright and sunny and at 1000 we set off on a walk that would take us to some interesting places as well and lunch at a pub ‘just over the hill’.  A pleasant stroll along the beach saw us at the lifeboat station, where we were given a tour by Alan, a long-standing member of the crew.

Lunch was booked at the Culver Haven Inn, so the walk had to continue, there may have been some mutterings of mutiny at the back by the time we got to the top of the hill, fortunately the food and drink made up for it.

Some members of the group elected to get a taxi from the pub back to the Harbour, while the rest of us set about yomping back.  In total we covered 7.5 miles, thank you Peter for a great walk.

By the time we were all back the tide was in and it was time to head home.  On Carina we had a storming beam reach back to Portsmouth and by the look of the phot the Rear Commodore had a good run back too.

Many thanks to Nick for organising a fantastic rally practically as his Daughter had graduated the night before and he had left the Family, hung over in bed to come along and organise the rally, great work Sir.  I am really looking forward to the next one.

NYC Spring Cruise – Westward Ho! – 19th/28th May 2018

It was to be a record breaker .. If not a record number of boats on a cruise, certainly the record overall length … Interest peaked at 14 boats and one car .. but then a few glitches occurred .. and we had not even left port. Jenny Wren, a staunch supporter of many a cruise and rally over the years was sold, and Manketti was busy preparing for the ocean. Fine Fleur withdrew at the last minute with technical issues, and then Emma Keturah, a beautiful 47 foot dinghy, joined in. Our eventual fleet comprised 12 boats and one car .. Hooch Pooch.

It became immediately clear that the organiser could not read tide tables, as the first day’s tide times were frustrating. We aimed to gather in Portland on the Saturday night, but those who could read .. headed early to meet at Brixham on the Sunday.

Favorita sailed through the Friday night to meet Paper Tiger and Chesterton in Portland. As more of the fleet arrived, Paper Tiger and Chesty headed off to Lyme, to break up the Lyme Bay crossing. Sea Dragon, Navy Blues, Emma K, and Carinya gathered as planned. Emma K was crewed by Brendan ”supercrew” McGarvey .. who dropped a fender in the harbour !

Not knowing numbers or times we had made no arrangements for food, and Mike D of Navy Blues picked up the challenge with a folding bike ride to the chippy for fish and chips in Fav’s cockpit .. Good call Mike. Off to a decent start.

Opinions varied about “when to go” around the Bill .. and the boats left at various times, for light downwind sailing to Brixham. Many sails stayed in their covers as Debby, from Samollu, had organised amazing weather. In Brixham the fleet would assemble.

We arrived just ahead of Navy Blues, to be greeted by Samollu (from St Malo), Malaika, Belrose (direct from Lymington), Titian (from Wolverston), and Polly. The fleet was almost complete but not Polly. She had left a trolley full of equipment on the pontoon. Nothing vital, only the autohelm, windlass levers, winch handles, compass, dividers, ensign, ensign staff, and fog horn. Luckily none of the crew had yet noticed.

Lori led a “yomp” across the headlands to a well-known beech-side café, whilst others relaxed, prepared, mended, or polished. Sadly the café was under construction when we arrived, however Peter H took over and marched us all to a fabulous manor house hotel for a much needed lunch.

This day was Richard’s birthday. Fran and Richard are new members, but well known to a few already .. and they held a birthday party on Titian. The bait was the offer of Stuart’s “anchovies on fried bread.” If offered, these are not to be missed. We had a fantastic party on Titian, although I don’t think Stuart left the galley, however Andy H left his hat !


We re-grouped that evening in the Old Market House, a fish restaurant in the heart of Brixham. Dave L, from Jenny Wren, had set it up, and what a great “plaice.” We had a moving feast, with many awards, and a toast to our missing Jenny Wren .. “A great little boat, and great little people.”

Weather was still light and from the East, as we staggered out of Brixham bound for Plymouth. Big coloured sails filled, and collapsed, and filled, and wrapped their way around Start Point… then we were headed, and had a fantastic fetch into Plymouth sound. Emma K caught us up, noticed we were clearly having fun sailing, and headed up to push a few buttons. No sooner had their sails filled than the wind died … Sorry Brendan !


We squeezed our way into Queen Anne’s Battery, up to three out, and negotiated a number of berths for Paper Tiger  .. the “cat.” None had any idea that we would be paying a Queen’s ransom.

The foot bridge to the Barbican was closed, and the walk around significant so, completely without request, the QAB team organised a water taxi to get us all to the Gin tasting. Perhaps they are L’Oreal after all …

The Gin tour was fascinating. We learnt about “botanicals” “feint” “nose” and Navy strength. It seems Plymouth Gin was responsible for the Empire ! It is definitely closely linked to sailing, a link NYC seemed keen to maintain.

Jane H then lead us all up the hill to the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club. Here our final “yacht” joined us .. Hooch Pooch arrived, with Mike and Jo in fine fettle.

What a setting ! Looking out over the Sound, watching the evening racing in our own dining room and private bar ! We sat at three large round tables between amazing cabinets full of racing silverware, served by plenty of friendly staff. The menu choice was jacket potato or meat balls .. both were rather good.

Awards were given and speeches made. The main award being to Debby for her amazing weather (I since learnt she keeps her weather Genie in a locker aboard Samollu). Trevor was also given a small encouragement to buy The Puff .. a NYC Spring Cruise valiant, very fondly remembered. Richard enjoyed the balloons.


The weather grew a little, but stayed in the East, and we all headed out re-group in The Bag at Salcombe. Chesty was to stay in Plymouth awaiting Ron’s return, and Paper Tiger was heading East to try and get ahead of forecast stronger winds. Some motored into the Yelm for a lunchtime stop, the others had a fantastic race/beat to Salcombe. Favorita tried hard, but was roundly trounced with Jane on Malaika’s helm .. That boat points like an arrow, more than can be said for Paper Tiger, which needed tooth picks to improve pointing ! We were sad to see Andy and Alex go …

The fleet was down to 10 boats, and we cuddled up two out in The Bag. We had the usual Salcombe welcome, friendly harbour master, everything organised, easy call water taxi … a fine time. We had arranged a BBQ at the Salcombe Yacht Club, and an evening of “bring something to play.”

A memorable evening … what hospitality. The staff had BBQd an amazing feast of burgers, chicken, whole mackerel, and a blue cheese salad to remember. Luckily, we had a private room, as Polly had bought the wigs. Leslie had joined them from Chesty, and they entertained us all. Carolyn and Matt, from Carinya, had made an NYC pin the tail game. Very loud and loads of fun. Richard predictably sang “Oh Lord it is hard to be humble,” and a “band” was in the making. There were eggs for the less rhythmic, Mike B on the washboard, and many playing spoons …… Peter remembered all the words to Paddy and the barrel of bricks !! 


The water taxi was caught, and a reasonable dent made in Fav’s whiskey stocks. The Polly crew arriving first and last, and staying latest .. just to clear up a few low bottles not worth keeping !! A very special NYC night !!

The next day was a lay day .. and started slowly. A few of us headed out to Bolt Head to clear our own …  The crews were interestingly quiet for the day, some of the older ones simply sat with ice cream. We had a mostly civilised evening. Polly was leaving in the morning, heading West to a gaffer’s gathering, and Emma K was heading East to get ahead of the forecast “blow.” Hooch Pooch was also heading home !! 


The shrunken fleet set off East the next day, battling strong(ish) winds to get to the Dart. Everything was on the nose, and a range of tactics on show. Titian showed us all how to sail efficiently to windward, tacking tightly under Start Point, and Sea Dragon showed the other extreme .. with a powerful engine and enclosed cockpit. We had some fun tacking duels with a few boats, and were amazed to compare Fav, with two reefs in everything, to Carinya with all sails full .. she really stands up to her canvas.

We motored up the Dart to Dittisham, to four reserved buoys. A “row around” supper was planned in three teams, with the closing party aboard Fav. 

Bruce was alone on Emma K in Kingswear and planned to join us by taxi. He was checking his mooring lines just before leaving, when one he pulled was not attached. Bruce can swim, and so can his phone, but his wad of freshly drawn cash seemed less than impressed.

Many were creative with their courses, and extravagant with their cheese, but most were leaving early and bed beckoned .. the majority were tucked up around eleven, although one group appeared to have ducked the party. So much fun (cheese) was being had on Carinya that they all arrived a little late. The Titian crew, seeing no lights, considerately withdrew. The same was not on the radar of Samollu and Carinya … bang bang bang on the hull …. “sshhhhh .. I sink I can shee shome lights on .. yes look he’s up!” “nice PJs commodore” ….


They had very kindly bought over a large bottle of malt to re-seed the Fav stocks, gifted by the crews. Very much appreciated .. thank you all.

The fleet separated from 04:00, iron headsails to the East. After a bumpy start, most settled into a one or two day chug back to the Solent. Staying in touch through the WhatsApp group. Titian was last in .. 41 hours home, mostly on the nose until cross the Thames estuary.

Highlights for me ? 

  • Definitely the use of a WhatsApp group. Debby set this up, and everyone contributed .. The witty quips extending from sea to shore and across the team. A great way to stay in touch, and to engage with everyone.
  • Definitely the Salcombe YC evening. Those wigs should have a mirth warning.
  • Definitely the fab weather …… Debby the weather star !! Oh Yes …
  • Definitely the company …. as Bruce said when he joined in late, “I had forgotten what great fun NYC is …” 

2019 is already in the planning !!


Summer Rally: 21st/22nd July 2018 – Bembridge Harbour


Autumn Rally: 29th/30th September 2018  – Lymington River


Past Events afloat 2018:

The NYC Spring Rally 2018 East Cowes Marina

The Newbury Yacht Club Spring Rally 2018.

The weather has been steadily improving over the last couple of weeks and we were all looking forward to the first rally of the summer season.  Nick (Newly appointed Rear Commodore Offshore) had booked us berths at East Cowes Marina and dinner in the lifeboat.

The sky was overcast but the temperature warm when Carina slipped her lines from Portsmouth on Saturday morning.  We motored out of the harbour and into the Solent.  With the sails hoisted we made use of the starting ebb to have a great light winds close reach to Cowes in close company with Sea Dragon.

During the afternoon we all arrived and tied up, in the end there were seven boats and about 20 of us there. It was a shame that the rain came in just before we set up tea and cakes on the pontoon, although this did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm as we set about the cakes that had been made for us.

The rain had stopped by the time we made our way up to the Lifeboat restaurant, where we were seated on a long table by the window.  The meal was served and there was even some live music that helped to make a memorable evening.

The next morning dawned bright and sunny, making a nice change from the rain.  An intrepid bunch of us set off on foot to Osbourne House, but faced with very long ques and a tide to catch later we settled for a walk around the East Cowes seafront.

Many thanks to Nick and Alison for organising a fantastic rally, I am really looking forward to the next one.


The NYC Frostbite Rally 2018 Royal Clarence Yard

This year’s frostbite was put together by a stand in Rear Commodore, Offshore in the form of Derek, who has proved beyond all doubt that he can organise a pi$$ up in a brewery.

The weather was cold with occasional drizzle, but that did not stop 6 boats and 22 of us getting together for this rally. Although as Carina is in the sailing club next door to the marina, we decided not to move her the 50 meters or so and walked.

The plan was to meet up in Royal Clarence Yard in Gosport during the day, with Tea and cakes (including a fruit cake baked by Derek himself) served in the marina office at 1600. Once all the cake had gone and the tea supply had been depleted we walked around the corner to the Fallen Acorn Brewery.
We were met by Andy the Sales Manager, who gave us a tour of the building and explained the history of the company as well as taking us through brewing process including allowing us to smell the hops. We were then given the chance to try the four or so different beers that they produce and supply to local pubs and bars.

The walk back to the marina seemed to be considerably longer than the way there, but after that gentle meander it was time for dinner at Arty’s brasserie at the marina. We were seated and had a very good meal, although the Navy and Cowboy hats are a bit of a mystery!

The frostbite rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and this once again this was no exception. Many thanks to Derek for organising it.



Past Events afloat 2017:

Five highly successful NYC afloat events were completed in 2017, as detailed below:

NYC Autumn Rally 2017 – 30th Sept / 1st Oct 2017

The weather forecast was looking a little wayward for the weekend, ex-hurricane Maria was due to make here UK appearance and the wind and rain was on cards.

The turn out for this rally was particularly high, we had 14 boats signed up and over 38 booked in for dinner. The general consensus was that this was the biggest turn out that the Club has had for a rally.

Carina departed Gosport in blustery overcast conditions, with 1st reef in the main and the genoa we had a cracking sail over the Medina River entrance, where the heavens opened and we go soaked! By the time we had made our way up the river to the Folly pontoon there was blue sky and almost some sunshine.

Over the next few hours the other boats came in with similar stories of great sailing. At the allotted time we congregated on the pontoon for tea and cakes. There was an abundance of cake that went down very well and I believe that the recipe changed hands many times that afternoon.

After a chance to freshen up, we gathered in groups for the ferry ride in the rain across to the pub. With almost 40 of us and at least 10 Sunsail boats in it was very busy in there. The atmosphere was fantastic and at the appropriate time after dinner the tables were cleared and the dancing started.

The next morning most of us had a leisurely breakfast and as the wind built and by mid-morning most of us had set off for home. Carina had a storming surf run back under head sail, we even managed to stay dry.

A big thank you to Dave and Anne for hosing such a great event and to all those members who came along and made it a memorable night.


NYC Summer BBQ Rally 2017 – 15th/16th July 2017 – Yarmouth

For the NYC Summer Rally and annual BBQ the boats all headed to Yarmouth Marina. Sadly, for many boats this meant sailing into the wind and tide. With the wind stronger than predicted and members keen to get to the pontoon in time for tea and cakes, many boats ended up motoring. On Navy Blues we made a good go sailing for as long as possible, but when we were nearly overtaken by a ship at anchor we admitted defeat and motor sailed the rest of the way.

This proved to be a prudent decision as we got prime location on the pontoon and could get stuck into the delicious cakes.

The remaining boats arrived at a steady pace, with similar tales of short sailing followed by slow motoring. There was even mention of a boat attempting to catch some lobster to bring to the BBQ.

Yet again we had a great turnout, with 9 boats attending and close to 30 members.

The main event of course was the arrival of the club’s newest boat, Polly. A crowd gathered to watch Mike Dickens expertly bring her in alongside Sea Dragon. Once squared away, Mike invited all onboard for prosecco and a tour. I think everyone was in agreement, Polly is one beautiful boat!

After the tour of Polly, we all headed up to Yarmouth Sailing Club who were hosting us for the BBQ. We were welcomed into the club by the Commodore Geoff. According to the Yarmouth Sailing Club’s website, they are ‘the friendly club next to Yarmouth Bridge’ and friendly they are. We were made to feel very welcome by Geoff, his wife, and the members. The BBQ was excellent with plenty to go around. On behalf of all at Newbury Yacht Club, a huge thank you to Yarmouth Sailing Club for hosting us.

For the Sunday morning some members took time out from the water and went on an open topped bus trip to the Needles (complete with dodging the low hanging branches on the way!).

The sun came out and members enjoyed looking around the Needles Batteries, the rocket test site and the spectacular views out to sea, the mainland and of course, the Needles.

Sightseeing done, it was time to head home. Fortunately, the wind and tide were the same as the previous day (although the wind had reduced somewhat) so this meant a very speedy sail down wind and down tide. On Navy Blues we got the cruising chute up and romped back at 9kts SOG (a considerable improvement on the 0.8kts SOG of the day before!).

Thanks as always go to Dave Lawson for organising the rally, to all who provided cakes, to Mike Dickens for hosting drinks on Polly, and thanks to Yarmouth Sailing Club. Finally, thanks to all the members who turned up making it an enjoyable event. The club and rallies are nothing without the members.
Oliver May

Cruise 2017 – 20th/29th May 2017 … Cruise to the Corsair City !!

Instructions were simple … bring an interesting hat, a joke, and an NYC burgee, and meet in Alderney on the evening of the 20th. This imposed a notoriously challenging start from the Solent with the prevailing South West winds. The fleet comprised Chesterton and Navy Blues, Sea Dragon and Samollu, the gleaming Malaika, and Favorita. The smart ones headed out early, and were happily ensconced in Braye at least a day before the allotted time .. the rest headed down to the Western Solent on Friday night, and set off early Saturday morning, into a freshening South Westerly… hmmm.

It was bumping and on the nose, but going well until the tide turned .. slowly our Easting increased and the chances of making Alderney diminished. Malaika was first to crack (off) followed by the redoubtably Navy Blues .. they both headed into Cherbourg. On Fav we put our heads down, and our engine on .. and made 2.5 knots towards the destination … Pig headed .. maybe, but Samollu appreciated the effort with a resounding fog horn welcome when we finally made it into Braye.

The fleet was being kept together by WhatsAp .. a social media system that Debby (Samollu) had set up. Photos of feasts in Cherbourg were balanced by sunrise photos in Braye harbour .. and a lot of encouraging chatter. We all agreed to meet up in St Helier on the Sunday evening.

Sunday was one of the best days sailing that I can remember. Clean steady wind from the SW gave us a single tack past Sark, and a clear blue sky kept the sunblock busy. We stayed ahead of the Braye fleet, as they all (oddly) chose to take the Swinge, and lost about 15 degrees on the course ? Various tactics were used, most involved diesel, but one dogged, grey sailed, boat kept hunting us down …. Malaika storming down from Cherbourg, leading Navy Blues, fought us to the Corbiere and the fleet were together along the South coast of Jersey.

Jersey Marina did us proud, with a reserved section of the waiting pontoon .. and a healthy discount. Sea Dragon seemed keen to improve storage space onboard, as every boat was greeted with opened, cold bottles of beer for each crew ! We celebrated our togetherness with an amazing sea food meal “inside” the Quayside Brasserie .. no blankets required !

The Monday saw us head out for St Malo … We chose to go West of the Minquiers and found an amazing wind again .. The sky was summer blue and the wind freed us as we cleared the Brisant Du Sud .. and headed up towards the entrance channel. Navy Blues flew every sail they could find to try and keep up, but yet again Malaika stormed past .. pointing higher and faster in the perfect conditions.

Chesterton, desperate for a beach to keep Ron happy, had decided to visit the Isles Chausey and had headed East from Jersey. They entertained us with the most beautiful pictures of the anchorage and beach, to prove they made it .. and joined us the next day in St Malo.

Two events punctuated the day. One involved an intimate encounter with a French fishing float, and the other a shoe overboard drill. Luckily both had satisfactory conclusions.

The reduced fleet again stayed pretty much together, and all took the same lock into the Basin Vauban. For those that do not know, this puts you right at the side of the old city wall. St Malo .. the Corsair City …. absolutely magical.
We all had a lay day messing about in St Malo, some took to bikes in search of beer and beaches, some polished boats, some actually did some paid work .. and most had a good nose around the old city. We met up for a beer in the “freaky” bar and then all ate together in the old town .. a fabulous and reasonable meal. It was the night of the “interesting hats” .. won by Debby on Samollu with a hedgehog tea cosy .. although Sara ran her a close second with the film star look !

Wednesday dawned with pretty thick fog. Chesterton were staying in St Malo, the rest were heading to St Quay Portrieux. We locked out together and motored all the way in convoy. The visibility was poor to say the least, but the hardest part of the trip was avoiding a French team of Foggy, Cleg and Compo in a small, highly powered, fishing boat. Depleted diesel tanks saw us safely into St Quay-Portrieux just as the sun burned off the fog. Here we had another lay day, resulting in Samollu issuing sunglasses to all who gazed on her after Phil’s polishing … Lori and I found a magical beach bar with beer, moules, and chips .. heaven !

That evening we set up a Safari supper with one course per boat. Samollu set the pace with the most amazing array of hors d’ouves, followed by Malaika with a opener of a range of tapas .. Sea Dragon followed with more tapas (the frittata was amazing) .. and we then had all eleven below on Navy Blues for strawberries and meringue. The closing party on Favorita was relatively well behaved .. everyone was so full !! This was joke night, and to be frank not many were memorable .. or was that the wine ? No prizes won, as I still find Rob Crispin’s joke about the man, the dog, and the funeral procession the best …

We headed back for St Peter Port on Guernsey for the last supper on Friday. Sadly Samollu (of no fixed abode) was bound back to St Malo, but happily Chesterton were to re-join, having stayed in St Malo and then gone straight to Guernsey.

Navy Blues left a little early and the rest set off together and remained in sight. We had another cracking sail on the wind, just nipping ahead of the Roche Douvres and fetching the South coast of Guernsey as the tide set East. A tacking duel with Malaika ensued which Favorita predictably lost (that boat sails like a witch!) .. however we suddenly found ourselves ahead ! Malaika had “issues” that seemed in danger of turning into more .. The wind had died and so had their engine. It seems Andy was unfamiliar with concept of fuel, gauges, and heeling boats ….. they had an air block in the fuel line and very little fuel ! Favorita agreed to tow them in, but there was much scratching of chins around the fleet, and many mentions of a father’s brother called Albert ?

Both Favorita and Malaika were directed to a Northerly pontoon, not connected to shore. I am always nervous of depth, drawing 2.7m, and Malaika was not much better drawing 2.4m .. so we asked the harbour master. That evening was an extremely low spring tide, and the harbour master made a few calls and confirmed 3.5m at low water …. Our echo sounder confirmed his view .. but none had counted on the Easterly wind.

We all met at La Perla for a fab final meal. Speeches were made and awards evenly distributed. Samollu had already received the French Fishing Buoy award to remind them what to look out for. Bill received a single magnetic shoe, which seemed appropriate. Sea Dragon had the Bretton Cidre cup in recognition of magnificent hospitality, and Malaika the smiling pirate for their permanent grins about how well Malaika sails …. Chesterton won the beach spade for their sandcastles on Chausey, and Mike on Navy blues won a Brittany curtesy flag to encourage more long trips … But the major award for bravery and stoicism on the high seas was unanimously won by Sara …… a pirate flag on a stick !! What a star she had been !!

Malaika awoke at 00:30 hard aground outside us, and on Favorita we touched within half an hour .. we still had 90 minutes of falling tide. Luckily they leant away from us, and we managed not to lean on them . With a long fender watch through the night no damage was done .. but little sleep was had. Andy and Jane had to abandon to Favorita and Andy had to use climbing techniques to check over their still gleaming boat. Further up the same pontoon Navy Blues was inside two other boats .. all hard aground but not leaning so far … and beyond them two French yachts had their masts knitted together. It was a disaster.

We sorted ourselves out the next day, and talked things through with the harbour master. The issue was clearly the extent of lateral movement of the whole pontoon set up, with so large a tidal drop and the unusual wind direction ….. we all live and learn.

The team broke up and started to leave. Chesterton had already gone .. as we were struggling with the grounded boats. Navy Blues headed North the next day, followed by Sea Dragon that evening. Malaika waited for a freeing wind, and Favorita had another week of holiday fun …

This had been a long legged and challenging cruise, with a few decent lay days in between. The weather had been exceptional (apart from one foggy day), and the only serious damage appears to have been to pride ….. mostly mine … at the ease with which Malaika sails past me ….. maybe we’ll catch ‘em next year .. ahhahh …. (talk like a real Corsair) …..


There are more photos at: NYC Spring Cruise Photos

NYC Spring Rally 2017 – 13th/14th May 2017

The second NYC rally for 2017 was held 13th and 14th May  to Chichester Marina. As can be seen from the photo’s and Mark’s report below yet another excellent event was enjoyed by all.

The weather has been dry for some weeks now, so it was no surprise that with the Newbury Yacht Club rally booked, the weather was forecasting rain for the first time in weeks! As it turned out, apart from a shower overnight we had wall to wall sunshine.

The turn out for this rally was as always high, we had 10 boats signed up and over 30 booked in for dinner.  Although due to their draft a couple of boats had to lay outside the Marina and come in by tender.

Carina departed Gosport in blustery but sunny conditions, but with the wind on the beam we romped along, through the Dolphin (the small boats route through the submerged barrier off Southsea).  In no time we rounded the West Pole and made or way up to Chichester Marina.  Free Flow on the lock had just started as we arrived and so we made our way to our berth.

Over the next few hours the other boats came in with similar stories of great sailing.

At the allotted time we congregated on the pontoon for tea and cakes.  Anne’s chocolate brownie went down very well and I believe that the recipe changed hands many time that afternoon.

After a chance to freshen up, we all met for a short wander to look at the sights of the harbour at low tide, from there it was to the bar in the Chichester Yacht Club for a pre-dinner drink.  As an added bonus, there was a 70’s & 80’s disco going on in the Club and after eating many of our members were seen enjoying the music, in some cases very enthusiastically!

The next morning most of us met at the Marina lock for a walk out to Dell Quay.  In bright sunshine we made our way through the beautiful countryside.  There is a pub at Dell Quay, (which may explain the high turnout for the walk) which served coffee and so served as a useful pit stop before heading back to our boats ready for the trip home.

A big thank you to Dave & Anne for hosting such a great event and to all those members who came along and made it a memorable night.

The next morning Carina headed back to Gosport, the sun was shining again and despite fairly strong head winds and a lumpy sea over the bar we had a good sail home.


The NYC Frostbite Rally 2017 – Port Solent 

The first  afloat event for 2017 was the Frostbite Rally held on the weekend of the 21/22 January 2017.

For the first time in a few years the weather building up to this rally looked like living up to its name, and so it was on the day very cold with a biting easterly wind.

The plan was to meet up in Port Solent Marina during the Saturday afternoon with Mulled Wine and Mince Pies on Manketti, before walking up to the restaurant for dinner.

Although Carina was out of the water again this year, we were on the side in Port Solent and so could join the rally and claim another boat present. Laura and I spent the afternoon on board with the heater running flat out and the VHF on channel 80 so that we would hear the others approaching the lock.

1630 saw us all on board Manketti with the urn of Mulled Wine going well, between that and the brandy laced hot chocolate and mince pies we soon forgot all about the cold weather outside!


A short walk around the marina brought us to the Restaurant where we were seated and served by the staff. After a nice meal in the warm it was time to make out way back to the boats for several after parties, Laura and I found ourselves on Jenny Wren, where were all introduced to the ‘after 8 game’ by Kate, the game involves putting an after 8 mint on your forehead and without using your hand, bet it into your mouth. Thanks Kate…

The NYC frostbite rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and this once again this was no exception. Many thanks to Dave and Anne for organising it.


Past Events afloat 2016:

The Newbury Yacht Club September Rally 2016 – Beaulieu River

The final; club rally of the year has come around again, at least this year we have had a summer to speak of!

With an expectation of continued fine weather the plan was set to celebrate the last night of the proms with the Royal Southampton Yacht Club at their Ginns Farm club house.


Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we were faced with a SW F6 and persistent rain on Saturday, with a forecast to dry out and warm up for Sunday.

Laura and I waited until the afternoon to set off from Gosport, hoping that the rain would at least tail off a bit, as we motored out of the Harbour we were greeted with a strong wind on the nose and tide against us, so rather than bash in to that for something more than 3 hours we decided to turn back and drive over to dinner later.

The evening started with drinks and nibbles on Graham and Lyn’s boat, and then moved up to the club house. The theme of the evening was patriotic, to fit in with the last night of the proms. Special note has to go to Navy Blues for the huge Union Flags that she was flying, even if it did give Trevor a toga later on!


After an excellent dinner, the big screen was activated and the live broadcast from the Albert Hall was shown, much signing and flag waving then went on including us all standing and singing the National Anthem, with more enthusiasm than talent is some cases!


The night wound down we all headed back to the boats, with various parties going on under a clear sky and a wonderful star canopy showing that the weather front had moved through and so promising a pleasant sail home tomorrow.


And so ends the on water events for another year. Dave and Anne have had another great year and have given us a selection of rallies around the area, thank you both for making the rallies so much fun. The fact that we have so many boats and crew come along to each one shows how popular they are and what a good spirit the Club has.


The Newbury Yacht Club Summer BBQ Rally 2016.

After several years of using East Cowes Marina for the BBQ rally, it was decided to move the venue this time. Island Harbour, just a bit further up the River Medina looked like the perfect candidate.
The date was set, all we needed was the weather to play ball…….

Carina set off from Gosport in warm sunshine, however, the wind was up and we were in for a lumpy trip. With the wind blowing a good F6-7 we turned into the River and made our way to the lock, we have timed our arrival to coincide with free flow.
Once on our berth we had a late lunch and rest before tea and cakes on the pontoon.
As always the quality and number of cakes supplied by members was high and it was noted that several members were doing their best to ensure that none went to waste!

At this point Dave announced that, rather than the usual cocktail completion we would try something a little different. The crew of Hotch Potch was volunteered for duty. Each of the other boats was to supply something for a cocktail, these would then be presented to the volunteers, who would need to make up one or more drinks that would then be judged by the group (are you still with me here?)

Just after 1930 the BBQs were lit and the merriment began, the eventual winner of the drink making contest was Mike Bassett’s ‘Tom Cruise from Cocktail’ impression, oh, and the Gin one… things had started to get a little confusing by then.

Dave and Anne did a fantastic job supplying and cooking the food, including some great kebabs. As the last of the evening light faded into the night we wandered back to the pontoons and a night cap.
image1 (4)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

The next morning the weather had taken a turn for the worst, the wind was still up and the rain was coming down sideways. During the morning it brightened up and by the time Carina left the sun was out and we headed back to Gosport.

Another great evening in great company, thank you all for coming along and I look forward to seeing you at the September rally.


The Newbury Yacht Club Spring Cruise to West Country 2016 Report

After a great visit to Yarmouth and the Royal Solent on our Spring Rally, an armada of 10 boats, all flying the NYC burgee, sailed west and out of the Solent fighting the tide for a couple of hours en-route to Weymouth.

13319786_10154159283771031_8067250124486389359_n 13342981_10154159283846031_6639953536183800424_n 13343053_10207982313548898_3822595246750627491_n 13344566_10154159287486031_4276545947861682157_n 13344789_10207915507438787_6318879800008969206_n

Some took the inside passage past St Albans head, some took the outside passage and one small boat took the Swanage passage(!) anchoring in the bay to wait for the next tide (at midnight) to arrive in Weymouth very, very early on the Monday morning whilst most sensible folk were still fast asleep in their bunks!

For the rest of the fleet, the Sunday afternoon arrival in Weymouth was accompanied by wonderfully warm sunshine, immediately followed by a period of thunder and hailstones the size of marbles which left a pretty thick covering of ice and snow over the decks. Fortunately tea, cakes, beer and wine helped keep spirits high till the sun returned after half an hour.

Dinner at the Pizza and Cider emporium, the Stable, was great and just what the doctor ordered.

On Monday, Mike D and Trevor were generously allowed a few hours sleep before we all headed off for Portland Bill and the inside passage towards Lyme Bay.

13346438_10154159287301031_4975677270096275529_n 13346688_10154159287366031_4620122373011890206_n 13346779_10154159283641031_2704188587596222290_n 13412937_10154159287521031_3961735745793351655_n

Things started with a lively sail down the eastern side of the peninsula and a slightly bumpy ride past the Bill before the wind promised, tempted, teased and eventually disappeared leaving all but one boat to switch on the engine for an assisted passage to Brixham Marina. The one hardy soul who sailed much of the way didn’t really want to, but electrical problems meant her engine wouldn’t start and resulted in a flurry of radio traffic and a bombardment of well meant, if not wholly helpful, advice. As is so often the way, once a tow line had been attached the problem fixed itself and so the journey was completed under power and berthing on our dedicated NYC jetty proved to be no problem at all. Drinks in the sunshine, fish and chips at the “posh” fish and chip shop and a return to our jetty to welcome in Puffin completed the day.

Tuesday was a lay-day in Brixham and a short stroll was organised for those who wanted it. Five hours, two pints, an ice-cream and several miles later, we all wearily found our way back to our jetty. Brixham is a lovely place and we all enjoyed our visit.

Wednesday saw the fleet back at sea – destination Salcombe. A gentle sail in gentle winds but enjoyable nonetheless. Salcombe is a lovely estuary (technically it’s not an estuary, but it looks like one) and it was beautiful as we sailed upstream to our mooring in the Bag.

On arrival, we were again allocated a pontoon pretty much to ourselves and were greeted by Peter and Ros on Border Reiver who’d sailed from Plymouth to meet us there. The fleet was now 11 strong, not a bad turnout for landlocked Newbury. Dinner that night was at the Ferry Inn where they’d set a room aside for us and served us decent grub and good beer and wine whilst we looked out over the river and had a good natter. Another excellent day.

Thursday was another lay-day, well Salcombe is a lovely spot to tally a while. Kate suggested a “safari supper” for the evening so crews went off in various directions foraging for local delicacies whilst having a drink and an ice-cream or two in lovely sunshine. Andy sorted out the dining arrangements and everyone enjoyed a three course meal on different boats with different folks whilst the evening passed us by. Once we were fed it was time to party so off to Favorita for drinks and great entertainment as DJs Lalalalaa Lori and Badboy Brendan competed in a weird kind of “Karaoke/Boogey/Desert Island Discs/Name that tune” thingy that just kind of worked so that everyone had a great, great time – one of the cruise highlights!

13412953_10207982314028910_6982330200792116635_n 13413049_10154159287281031_560250400114839861_n 13413130_10154159287776031_401103266685591229_n 13418720_10154159283746031_3379476374307617106_n 13434760_10154159287651031_8222287079107793150_n

Thankfully, we had the chance for a bit of a lie in the next day before we said our goodbyes to Salcombe and began our journey east with a relatively short sail round to Dartmouth. The winds were light but sailable and we enjoyed the challenge arriving in Dartmouth about mid-afternoon and tieing up on the brand new, walk ashore town dock which is right in the centre of bustling Dartmouth. Yet another masterful piece of organisation by our Cruise Meister, Andy.

A raid ashore for pasties and other essentials in preparation for our long trip across Lyme Bay the next day was followed by early evening drinks in warm sunshine then a trip ashore for more eating and drinking, this time in the Cherub Inn.

At eight o’clock the following morning the fleet slipped their lines for the trip back to Portland. We said our farewells to Border Reiver and Belrose who were staying in the West Country and also to our dear Puffin who is being offered for sale by a broker on the Dart. The rest of us headed out into the misty murk of Lyme Bay with nav lights burning and AIS/Radar/Fog Horns in constant use. Sadly, there wasn’t more than the vaguest zephyr so we motored all the way across in the fog with it only finally burning away as we turned into Portland Harbour.
That evening saw us vying with the Bank Holiday hoards at the Cove House Inn to try and get a table to feed our hungry crews and to watch the sunset. The place was packed and it looked like we would be leaving with empty stomachs until that is, Jo (Manketti) showed everyone how to get looked after by conjuring up tables, menus, drinks, waitresses and cutlery in the blink of an eye. Good grub.

Sunday saw the NYC flotilla make an earlyish start for the trip back to the Solent. Fortunately, the sadness that tinged our farewells was soon forgotten as we faced a great sailing wind with a lot of North in it giving a fantastic sail in sunny conditions taking us all back to the various home ports.

And so the 2016 NYC Spring Cruise came to an end. All-in-all a grand week with great company and very decent weather. Thanks go to all the boats that took part together with their skippers and crews: Belrose, Border Reiver, Chesterton, Favorita, Jenny Wren, Manketti, Navy Blues, Puffin, Selko, Sea Dragon and Samollu.

A particular vote of thanks is given to our Cruise Admirals, Andy and Jane Holloway for a masterful display of organisation in getting everything we needed in the right place at the right time and for handling all the stress associated with trying to herd the NYC fleet whilst at the same time looking like swans floating gently on top of the water. Well done to both of you.

This year’s route took many of the fleet to the West County for the first time who most will likely return before too long. We covered approximately 275 nautical miles during the week as shown by the route recorded on Jenny Wren.


PS More photos and even videos are on the private NYC Facebook groups page click here: NYC Facebook group

The Newbury Yacht Club Spring Rally 2016 Report

With a building anticipation the date for the first of our summer rallies had come around. We were to head to Yarmouth Harbour, were we would be eating at the Royal Solent Yacht Club. Despite the weather having warmed up a bit, the forecast for the weekend was less that ideal!

The turn out for this rally was as always high, we had 11 boats signed up and over 30 booked in for dinner. Many of these were also continuing onto the Spring Cruise, which was to set off on Sunday, heading west.

Carina departed Gosport in blustery conditions, but at least, at that stage it was dry. We had a slightly bouncy, well reefed sail until we were west of Egypt Point where the wind picked up, as we tacked out side Beaulieu river entrance we had 40Knts over the deck. The first mate was less than happy about this and so we tucked into the Island side and made it into Yarmouth, where we found some other members who had similar tails to tell. Over the next few hours the rest of the boats arrived and once we were all there we congregated on Manketti for tea and cakes. Note has to be made here, Manketti is a large boat and so all of her fittings are larger than I am used to dealing with, however I have never come across a tea pot that size. (I’m fairly sure that it can hold 2 gallons).
The cake selection included an exceptional Bannoffee number, which went down very well.

After a chance to freshen up, we all met in the bar of the Royal Solent Yacht Club, a fantastic venue on the shore with commanding views of the Solent.

Dinner was served and a great evening was had by all.

A big thank you to Dave & Anne for hosting such a great event and to all those members who came along and made it a memorable night.

The next morning Carina headed back to Gosport, while the rest of the fleet got themselves ready for the crossing to Weymouth a bit later in the day. I look forward to hearing how they got on.


Spring Cruise 2016 – Sunday 22 May to Monday 30 May

An excellent Rally to the West Country was made this year. Lots of photos of the fun can be seen on our private Facebook pages at:

The plan for the cruise is below – and it appears that the itinerary was fully met and a wonderful time was had by all participants.

Now that we have the ‘hors d’oeuvres’ of the Spring Rally to Yarmouth in our diaries, it is time to think about the main course! This year our plan is to head West, but as with every Spring Cruise, our eventual itinerary will be subject to the weather forecast, to be firmed up at the rally.

The plan so far……

The tide will be good for us to leave Yarmouth for Weymouth around mid-day on Sunday with 5-6 hours of tide taking us West. On Monday we will have another late start to round Portland Bill at approximately 12:30. The only drawback with such a relaxed start, determined by the tide, is that some of us may have a late finish! We will head for Brixham which will be in the order of an 8 hour passage across Lyme Bay, even with the Spring tide.

What we do and where we go once we are in the West Country is yet to be determined! I anticipate we will do short trips and try to spend some time in Dartmouth, the Yealm and Salcombe before we need to start thinking about heading back on Friday 27 May.

As before, nothing is set in stone and depending upon the forecast, we may come back via Alderney to avoid the tidal gate at Portland Bill. If we do, we will allow for a day to recover on Saturday in Alderney before heading back towards Poole on Sunday leaving Monday for the trip back into the Solent.

There could be a lot of sailing (or motoring), provided the weather is kind, but as always, the intention is to time our passages to go with the tide whenever possible!

If you are interested in extending the weekend rally by a week to join the cruise, or you can only do the cruise, please let me know. At the moment there are 7 or 8 yachts that have indicated their interest. Any potential ‘crew’ that would like to come but do not have berths, please let me know and I will see which boats have any spare bunks!

In order to make some advance bookings please let me know if you are able to join us for what will be, based on previous cruises, a fun week!



NYC Spring Rally 21st to 22nd May

I’m delighted to invite you to the first NYC rally of the 2016 sailing season which will be held on the weekend of 21st/22nd May. This year we’ll be making the trip to Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight.
Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
Provided we achieve at least 5 boats (which we should do with ease) we’ll qualify for a 10% “rally discount” off their standard rates. The intention is to use the rally as the launchpad for those wanting to partake in the Spring Cruise (21st to 30th May), but you’re very very welcome to join us in Yarmouth even if you’re not planning to join the Cruise

More details will be provided to those attending nearer the time but for now, could you let me know if you’re planning to attend and if so let me have:
– Name of skipper and crew,
– Boat Name
– Basic dimensions (LOA and draft)

If skippers looking for crew and crew looking for berths let me know, I’ll try to arrange introductions.

I look forward to hearing from you – if possible, an early indication will help with the planning.

Best Regards

Dave L. –

NYC 2016 Events afloat programme

Winter is almost gone and it’s time to start planning for sun and fair winds !

So some dates for your diaries. The plan for the rallies and the Spring Cruise are as follows:

  • Spring Rally: The weekend of the 21st May. Venue expected to be Poole and will be the launch pad for…….
  • Spring Cruise: 21 st – 30th May. Starting with the Spring rally and expected to be back in the Solent the following weekend which is a Bank Holiday (28/29th/30th May). Tides look good for a trip westward but, as always, the weather will also have a say in our plans.
  • Summer Rally: The weekend of 9th July. Planning isn’t finalised yet but Island Harbour Marina is on the cards.
  • Autumn Rally : The weekend of 10th September. Venue TBD.

More details will be sent out closer to the time of each event, but for now – please put the dates in your diaries !

Also do look through the reports below on our previous meet-ups afloat.

Past events 2016:

30th/31st January 2016 – NYC Frostbite Rally

Another year has started and the weather has been a bit hit and miss over the last few weeks, this can only mean that its time for the Newbury Yacht Club Frostbite Rally. Although the chances of frost this year were looking a little small!

The venue had been set as berths at the Royal Southern Yacht Club and dinner in the River Rat in Hamble village. The weather had been dominating conversations leading up to the rally, since the Met Office has started naming winter storms; we seem to have had our fair share!

Due to an ill timed lift out Carina was unable to attend the rally this year, although Laura and I were offered a berth on Hotch Potch with Mike & Jo. During the week we had been in contact and decided that due to the forecast we would drive down instead. In the end I think this was the best decision as beating back to Lymington on the Sunday would have been less that fun. In the end we had 5 boats and over 30 people come along, it always amazes me the turn out that we get in the depths of winter.

Drinks and nibbles were hoisted by Derek and Carolyn on Manketti, the cakes were in good supply while Derek gave the technically minded a guided tour of the boats extensive systems and proving himself to be expert galley tinsel.

At the appropriate time, and once Derek had finally changed his shirt we headed up to the club bar for a pre dinner drink. There was a black tie dinner going on in the club and so, compared to the other guests we may have seemed a little under dressed!

A short walk up the hill led us to the River Rat Restaurant. We were seated upstairs and the staff were very attentive and organised. The food was very good and the conversation flowed. With the meal over we ventured back out into the cold and down the hill, there was an after party on Manketti for those that felt the night still young, while others headed back to their boats or home.

River Rat

The NYC frostbite rally is always a popular part of the Club calendar and this one was no exception. Many thanks to Dave for organising it and extra thanks go to Andy, who stepped in to run the evening when Dave got called away on an important skiing trip!


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